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Do You Agree with the entire Statement Below ?End 22 is not political. We are not Republican, we are not Democrat. We are Americans who believe in humanity and helping one another. We are here to support our veterans and politics need not ever be involved.* No outside printing of merchandise, banners, etc is allowed without permission. We are contracted with a veteran owned and operated merchandiser that produces all official End 22 gear.* While representing End 22 at events there will be no alcohol at any End 22 booth or drinking period by Advovates.*End 22 CORE VALUES 1. Truth: We tell the truth no matter how hard or difficult it can be. We omit nothing or tell no falsehoods. Before you tell the truth ask yourself three questions. Is it honest? Is it done in a kind spirit? Is it necessary? 2. Faith: We believe that we can and will make a difference in the lives of veterans and their families. 3.Hard Work: Have you heard of the term “Work harder not smarter.”? Do both! 4. Positivity: We avoid negativity like a plague. 5. People: People make the Mission and the brand. The brand and the Mission do not make you. 6. Loyalty: If you don’t know what it is, you do not belong here. 7.Creativity: Ingenuity and inspiration can solve problems that seem impossible. 8. Common Sense: Ungrounded creativity is just whimsical. Ask yourself “Does this make sense?” 9. Don’t take yourself too serious: But do take the Mission on as it is life and death, because it is. 10. Passion: Will always prevail over education and qualifications. We value passion over resumes. (Of course we want them all, but if we had to pick passion will always be first.) 11. Can you sleep at night: Do your work and live your life so that when you lie down to sleep there is no doubt that you gave it all you had. Do you agree to uphold these values as a representative of End 22?*

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